Turkmenistan and Afghanistan Agree on Extensive Cooperation
Friday , 06 July 2007

Ashgabat, 6 July 2007 (nCa) --- Turkmenistan and Afghanistan agreed Thursday on a broad-spectrum package of mutual cooperation that includes reiteration for Trans-Afghan gas pipeline, transit of Turkmen electricity to neighbouring countries of Afghanistan, extension of Turkmen rail network to Afghanistan, one month’s free supply of electricity to Afghanistan, and common struggle against narcotics and terrorism. more...

Herat minarets under threat
Peninsula On-line, Qatar - 25 Jun 2007

HERAT • They survived three decades of war but risk being toppled by road traffic-the last five mediaeval minarets of Herat are being slowly shaken to dust. The minarets are all that remain of what was once a wonder of art and architecture, a brilliantly decorated complex of Islamic learning and devotion on the Silk Road in western Afghanistan. more...

UNICEFs Goodwill envoy visits Afghanistan
Sources : Bakhtar - Apr 14, 2007

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Goodwill ambassador and singer Clay Aiken is currently visiting Afghanistan to create awareness about the hope and promise he has seen in the young people of the war- torn country."The people here are very strong and they are very proud of their country,"Aiken told reporters in Kabul. more ...

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Turkmenistan and Afghanistan Agree on Extensive Cooperation
Herat minarets under threat(Peninsula On-line, Qatar )
UNICEFs Goodwill envoy visits Afghanistan
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