Street in Delhi named after Afghan war hero
Hindostan Times [ new Delhi Apr 5, 2007]

NEW DELHI: Reflecting their growing bilateral relations, India on Thursday named a road in the national Capital after the slain Afghan war hero, Ahmad Shah Massoud. It is the first time that such an honour has been extended to a leader from that country.

The road near the Afghanistan Embassy is a "symbol of ties" that binds the two nations that have always "enjoyed excellent relations", External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said while unveiling the plaque along with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai.

Describing Massoud as a visionary and a friend of India, Mukherjee said the Lion of Panjsheer, as he is better known, understood the threat of "globalisation of terror" and fought, dreamt and prayed all his life for a free Afghanistan, which is a reality today.

Expressing his gratitude, Karzai remembered Massoud as a friend who waged a struggle against "Al-Qaeda, interference from neighbours and the rule of terror in Afghanistan."

"He was so important in the war against terror, and for the freedom of Afghanistan. We are honoured to have him as our hero," he added.

Massoud joins personalities like Uruguay's national hero Jose Artigas, Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbaiuly, Irish leader Eamon De Valera, novelist Andre Malraux and Argentinian icon Jose De San Martin, all of whom have roads named after them in Lutyen's Delhi.


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