Afghan saffron making gains
LONDON, August 28 (IranMania)

At the time when saffron bulbs transferred from Iran to Afghanistan are being reproduced, American research institutes have announced that saffron grown in Herat, Afghanistan is more desirable than the Iranian crop both in terms of quality and flavor, Iran Daily reported. Last year, less than one ton of saffron was harvested in Herat and it is projected that the figure in entire Afghanistan will exceed 1.5 tons this year.

Afghans have transferred saffron bulbs to their country from Iran while Iran has banned the transfer of saffron bulbs, which is a genetic reserve, outside the borders.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of Iranian Saffron Farmers? Union Mohammad Hassan Meshkani recently said, ?Since four years ago due to the fall in prices of saffron in local markets, Iranian saffron growers transferred bulbs to Afghanistan to make up for their losses.?

He noted that the Afghans who until recently worked in Iranian saffron plantations have managed to increase the efficiency of saffron plantation by 15 kg in Afghanistan by using desirable soil and insecticides.

?This is while the efficiency of Iranian saffron plantation has declined significantly due to drought,? he recalled.

Afghan officials said that last year Afghan saffron ranked first in the world and saffron plantations can serve as a viable alternative to poppy plantations given the favorable climatic conditions for cultivating saffron.



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